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Polyurethane screening surfaces have been used for many years and have proven to be generally economical due to the long wear life and low maintenance requirements. The extended life is attributed to the SUPERIOR CUT, TEAR, and ABRASION RESISTANCE of Polyurethanes. The wear life is enhanced by the polymers flexibility. Which returns some of the impact energy imparted by the vibrating media. Noise pollution typical of wire screens and perforated plate is greatly reduced with the introduction of Polyurethane screening surfaces. Correctly applied Polyurethane screens can reduce or even eliminate plugging, pegging, blinding problems due to the tapered openings and resiliency of the material. Corrosion and rust out are eliminated as Polyurethane is impervious to most elements found in any screening plant. Aperture shapes are almost unlimited. While wire cloth is typically limited to squares and rectangles, polyurethane screen apertures can be moulded to shape best suited to application.

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Advantages of Modular
With this type of system individual segments may be relocated on the screen surface as required to equalize wear across the section. Individual segments may be easily replaced when required due to wear or damage. Unlike the tension mat, a modular system can be conveniently field modified to accommodate a multiple of different specifications on one screening surface. Individual screening modules are produced more economically than Tension Mats. Modular systems are interchangeable providing usefulness of the individual modules throughout the screening plant on any deck fitted with a similar modular frame. Impact modules, Dam and flow divider modules are easily installed or relocated according to the particular application.
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