Distributed Product


ABS International engineering and design team is continually developing new and creative cost saving solutions to "wear" problems. Using our sophisticated CAD design capabilities, mill parts previously made out of steel can now be custom engineered to take advantage of the benefits offered by rubber and urethane.
These engineered parts are designed to be structurally sound and 100% repairable after a predetermined period of operating time. Engineered mill part applications are limited only by recognition of the need. The ability to repair and reuse these parts at a fraction of new replacement costs represents a significant cost savings to our customers.

Engineered Rubber Discharge Mill

PT ABS Indonesia’s polyurethane Discharge Mill Head is an engineered product designed to replace the heavy castings on the discharge end of mills. Each mill head is custom designed to meet the customer's unique specifications. While PT ABS Indonesia’s polyurethane compound is most frequently used, other rubber compounds may be used to meet special requirements. The ability to rebuild and repair these mill heads significantly reduces replacement costs and eliminates disposal cost.

Consider This Weight Reduction Rubber/Urethane vs. Casting

  • Power cost reduction for turning mills.
  • Reduced mill fatigue on trunnions, bearings, etc.
  • Potential for increased production - loads in mills.
  • Custom design.
  • Increased processed material throughput.
  • Variable material thickness facilitating change-out coordination.
  • Increased mill shell protection.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Environmental Solutions.
  • Rebuild and repair results in reduced replacement and disposal.
  • Tighter fit for dryer ends and dust control.

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