Mining, energy, oil and gas industry has always played an important role in the world today and an inseparable part of human life, even the existence of life in its true sense. PT. Australian Belt Scraper Indonesia (PT. ABS Indonesia) was established in November year 2007. It is the answer for a total solution service system as an attribute of world Class Company. ABS Indonesia provides a comprehensive range of general and specially services for the trading, Industrial Equipment, Spare Part, Field Equipment, Consultant, Engineering, Construction, Installation, Man Power Consultant, Maintenance, Human Resource Management, Industrial Design, Fabrication, Manufacture, Industrial Inspection and Testing, and Transportation. PT. ABS Indonesia focuses on wide range project in Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages, Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Plantation, Fishery, and General Industry. It is including project management, metal component fabrication and on-site assembly of oversize components. Ancillary services include engineering, manpower and maintenance. Computer-aided design facilities enable efficient and accurate fabrication of custom components to the most exacting specifications.

Australian Belt Scraper (ABS) and its international group of companies has nearly 10 years' experience in manufacturing and supply conveyor belt cleaning systems for the mining industry. ABS high-tech belt cleaning-systems include our innovative standard bar scraper with continuous scraping blade and our drum segment scraper. Other belt cleaning products include the parabolic scraper, return training roller and the trough training roller.

The benefits of efficient belt cleaning are apparent to any conveyer belt user, but the most important are the efficient operation of return idlers and reduced spillage. There is a wide range of scraper types available today from a number of manufacturers, all of which offer varying degrees of efficiency depending on belt type, belt speed, joint type, material, moisture content etc. One problem is that most scrapers need extensive maintenance. It became apparent that there is a need for a maintenance friendly rigid belt scraper to suit the tightest of budgets