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Razer-Lag™ Ceramic Pulley Lagging
To provide positive drive between pulley shell and conveyor belt under conditions beyond the capacity of normal rubber lagging.
  • To provide high levels of resistance to abrasion.
  • To positively displace water and fugitive material that would otherwise cause belt slip.
  • To protect the pulley shells from wear leading to early failure.
  • To enable ease of installation without the need to remove the pulley from the conveyor. Download Catalog...

  • Razer Food Grade Belt Cleaner
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    Razer-Lag™ FRAS Grade Pulley Lagging
    To transfer the maximum drive energy from the conveyor drive to the conveyor belt without slippage.
  • To shed water on drive and non-drive pulleys.
  • To prevent wear on steel pulley shells.
  • To reduce the incidences of material build up on pulley shells which cause belt damage and poor belt tracking.
  • o prevent aquaplaning of belts.
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  • Installation Operation & Maintenance Manual
    Instalation operation & maintenance manual for cleaning and maintenance.

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