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The efficiency of any Belt Cleaning System will be affected by a number of factors and they are listed below:
  • Correct Specification of Belt Cleaners
  • The Use of Water & Its Proper Regulation
  • Belt Specification, Condition & Type of Join
  • Correct Installation
  • Belt Stabilisation
  • Belt Tension
  • Regular Inspection & Maintenance Programmes

  • The correct specification of the Belt Cleaning System is essential when planning any belt cleaning application. The required parameters for the level of carry back required will decide the type and number of cleaners required to achieve these goals.
    The use of water as an aid in belt cleaning will improve expected dry carry back levels by 40-50%. Proper regulation is an issue as excess moisture content in coal may cause Problems for the end user e.g. Coal fired power stations refusing coal supplied due to a too high moisture percentage in the coal. The Belt Spec and condition will determine the level of effectiveness the cleaning system will be able to achieve. Also the type of join will dictate the style of tip and end assembly arrangement to be used. Proper Installation instructions should be followed to ensure the correct operation of any new cleaner installation. After any service or new installation, the conveyor should be test run to check correct operation and ensure the cleaners do not vibrate and are adjusted to the correct tension. This is a priority and must be carried out immediately after installation or at the earliest opportunity a Service Technician must inspect to check the efficiency and security of the mounting brackets and tensioning systems. Pressure rollers must be used where required to hold the belt flat and allow the cleaner tips to remain in constant contact at all times. This will eliminate belt flap that will set up a vibration frequency causing cleaner inefficiency. A plan of regular inspection and maintenance will ensure the cleaners work to their optimum level and any required maintenance will be observed and carried out preventatively rather than unplanned and in response to a breakdown situation.
    The function of an efficient belt cleaning system is to remove the fugitive material which remains on the return strand of the belt and to assist in spillage control by returning that material to the main material flow within the confines of the discharge chute. Mining, energy, oil and gas industry has always played an important role in the world today and an inseparable part of human life, even the existence of life in its true sense. Download Catalog for more detail.