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Power Quality Analysis

Power quality is a very important factor in a productive shop and office. The use of this tool with trained experts can help locate potential problems with your electrical system. Problems that may have been caused by your own equipment or your power supplier. Keep your company up and running with power quality analysis of your electrical distribution system, and control wiring systems.

PT. ABS Indonesia Electrical Services are able to analyze an individual machine/circuit, a specific panel or the main electrical system to narrow down a problem efficiently. Upon completion of your analysis we will provide you with a complete and easy to understand reporting of your electrical issues. A wide array of problems can be detected; electrical noise, power factor, dips and swells, energy usage, transients and more. Along with that, as a licensed electrical contractor, we can make the needed changes to keep your shop equipment or office running. Call PT. ABS Indonesia Electrical Services to see what a power quality analysis and energy usage audit can do for your company.
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