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Over 1/3rd of production is lost due to downtime. With a predictive/preventative maintenance program with thermal imaging involved this number can be greatly reduced. Pictured below are just some of the applications thermal imaging can be used for.

Sample Reports
Here we can see a sample page from a typical report showing the object with the thermal image of the subject, graphical representation of the results and any recommendations for future action. Thermal Imaging Inspection is a "Proactive Service" where faulty plant and equipment can be rectified under routine maintenance schedules without interruption to production processes. The Alternative is a "Reactive Service" where plant and equipment may fail without notice therefore being responsible for unnecessary production downtime.
Our Thermal Imaging Camera can be used for Electrical, Mechanical or any other process where temperature deviations can affect a process or outcome.
Electrical Measurements & Testing utilize a thermal imaging camera and associated software to provide Thermal Imaging Inspection services to Various Industry.
"If a Picture Can Say a Thousand Words then...
Thermo Graphic Imaging Pictures May save Thousands of Dollars.

Some of the significant features of this instrument are :

Temperature Range : 20 deg C to 900 deg C (1100 deg C at reduced accuracy)
Measurement Accuracy : +/-2% or 2 deg C (typical)
Temperature Sensitivity : 0.15 deg C
Field of View : 26 deg (H) x 19 deg (V)
Camera Display : 125mm colour LCD Monitor
Minimum Focus Length : 30 cm
Imaging Recording : 48Mb PCMCIA card (240 x 12 bit images)

PT. ABS Indonesia operators have completed course of Theory and Practice of Infrared Thermograph for Condition, Monitoring and are accredited members.

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