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rEscan Pty Ltd offers the following services directly to our clients and prospective clients:

Full Manual Scan
rEscan personnel will visit site and perform a full longitudinal scan, condition in spection: cover profiles and life predictions on the conveyor belting. A detailed condition report is generated and sent to the client. Included in this report are our recommendations in order of priority, detailed belt mapping, splice condition and a table of all anomalies within the belting that are considered notable.

Semi-Remote Scan
Permanently installed Sense, Condition Heads and Tacho are installed on the conveyor systems, data is manually extracted via a laptop. With this option there is no downtime after initial installation, the data is collected with the conveyor running by trained on-site personnel, or rEscan technicians. The data is sent to rEscan for analysis and a by exception report is generated and sent to the client.

Full Remote Scan
The rEscan Remote Conveyor Monitoring System allows the scanning of steel cord conveyors remotely from an off site location without ever stopping production (once installed} via a phone connection or LAN [Ethernet, Fire-wire or Fibre-Optics). Download Catalog for more detail.