Company Mission

The Management and Employees at all levels within the organization, have committed in running business cycle to provide the Excellent Services of project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of power plant, industrial plant, oil & gas plant, and mining plant, to our customer which have creating value for all stakeholders. Reliable quality of product and services are focused on maintaining and continually improving quality and productivity that trigger competitive price, on time schedule and delivery, safe, secure and healthy work environment, and profitable value, strengthening the position of PT. ABS Indonesia through strong networking in potential areas and international market. PT. ABS Indonesia provide employee with safe working environmental making prosper and opportunity to build carrier professionally and enhancing the capability and the competitiveness of human resource, emphasizing on developing superior technical and project management expertise.

Company Vision

A Leader in World Class Company with Total Solution Service System for Trading, Engineering and Construction that enhance the quality of human life.